Ross Sykes is a local mortgage advisor in Fairhope, Alabama. As an Air Force veteran, he is committed to his community and ensuring individuals are provided consistent and reliable information when deciding to buy or refinance a home. Ross is an expert with the VA Home Loan product. He is committed to ensuring our nation’s heroes are represented beyond the transaction. An unwavering supporter to the Veteran community is what drives him daily.

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Some of the achievements that Ross has earned are Airmen of the Year for the Air Force Reserves, Superior Performance Awards for the National Background Investigations Bureau, and Chairman of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce. Ross has served the U.S. Government as a Special Agent in the past ensuring individuals were vetted prior to fulfilling roles throughout our nation.

As a business professional, Ross cares about others beyond himself. As a lifetime learner and valued member within the business community, he wants what is best for his clients. Ross enjoys boating, fishing, and spending time with his family in his free time. He also performs volunteer work within the local community for Veterans, Cub Scouts, and many other initiatives. The mortgage industry has provided Ross an avenue to plan, develop, and educate clients on what matters most when buying or refinancing a home.

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